More about me: I’m an editor and writer with experience editing & developing online content and essays for companies. I’ve pitched, developed, and written content for Feministing, Motherly, Danielle Yeager, and more. Lastly, I write and edit my blog which is a collection of research and self-care practices for healing and transformation. I received an Associates Degree in Social Science and a Bachelors Degree in Literary Criticism. Email me at to collaborate on articles, stories, and research! You can view my work via LinkedIn or my portfolio

What I Do


Blog Articles

With research and storytelling, I create articles filled with takeaway info for readers interested in wellness and mental health.

SEO Strategy

Develop, outline, and implement strategies designed to improve search engine rankings.

Content Strategy

Create and manage written work specifically for the target audience while maintaining originality in print or online.

Creative Copywriting

Think conceptually about how to sell a product or service in an original, imaginative, and attention-grabbing way.