kimberly delarosa

My name is Kimberly, and I’m a writer based in New York.

I write about topics that mainly focus on mental health, wellness, relationships, and motherhood. I’ve contributed to Motherly, She’s SINGLE Magazine, Feministing, and Life In Focus, among other places. My artwork is published in various mediums, including ARTS NEWS, Feature Shoot, High Shelf Press, and Canon. 

As a kid growing up in Jamaica Queens, art was (is) my life. I drew cartoons and wrote short stories about ghosts for fun. After years of doodling and writing, I realized my passion for storytelling and decided to become a “professional” writer. I love listening to stories from people and sharing every pearl of knowledge I come across. You might catch me eating tacos and headbanging to Led Zeppelin on any given day. I currently live in the suburbs with my awesome husband, Will, and our son Xander.

You can follow my work by subscribing to my newsletter or on social media @kimdelaro.