Have you ever felt lost?

On the outside, your family and friends think you’re living the dream. But deep down there’s something missing.

You don’t know what is it or what your next move will be which makes you feel anxious. You start to question your purpose in life and begin to think:

‘Who am I? What am I doing here? Why do I feel this way?’

It’s overwhelming and you feel like no one can relate to what you’re going through. And guess what – you’re right!

No one knows what your next step is except for you. And with tarot, we get to find out what is it with clarity and confidence.

You get to opportunity to find your path in living your best life!

What to Expect:

Tarot and oracle cards were created to help reconnect you with your intuition. Whether you’ve had a reading before or it’s your first time, our sessions helps you see yourself with new eyes so you can create positive transformations.

Together we go deep in making peace with your inner self and how to take action towards the life you deserve.

This is a free will Universe – you have the power to change your life starting now.


30 min reading: $30

60 min reading: $60


My card reading practice DOES NOT ENGAGE in the following:

  • Tarot cannot predict the future nor does it tell you who is going to die (I get asked this a lot). The cards only tell you what you need to know in the present. Ultimately you decide what your future will hold.

  • Tarot readings are for clarity purposes only and cannot replace the advice of professionals such as psychotherapists, lawyers, doctors, etc. All readings are kept strictly confidential.