Hey – My name is Kimberly Delarosa.

I guess you can say I’ve lived a few lifetimes: I was soccer player, an NJROTC all-star, a roller derby athlete, a weightlifter, fine art photographer, and now I’m a writer.

A few years ago, I hit rock bottom…

I went from being a college graduate, top of my class, working in a fancy job in New York City…to becoming unemployed, homeless, and an addict facing a huge depression. In the age of technology, it’s so easy to lose ourselves. We can compare our existance to strangers in social media and feel absolutely alone. After years of dealing with anxiety and depression, it’s within this darkness that I found my way back to who I am.

If there’s anything I know about the human spirit is that we’re capable of the impossible.

We can climb mountains, build airplanes, and invent tiny computers that we can carry in our pockets. Life is limitless as long as we take care of ourselves in mind, body, and spirit. That’s what you’re going to find here. From writing, tarot readings, research, and personal stories, this is where I share simple and effective tools on how to live in the present moment and live the life you were meant to live.

I hope you love what you see here and I can’t wait to create some magic with you!

Professional Bio:

Kimberly Delarosa was born and raised in Queens, NY. She received her BA from Hunter College, where she studied English Literary Criticism and Fine Art Photography. Her art work, displayed under maiden name Kimberly Patino, has been exhibited in solo and group shows to include: The Greenpoint Gallery, The 440 Gallery, The Bowery House, The Harrison Public Library, and the One River School of Art and Design. Her written work has been featured in various mediums including Feministing, In Her Shoes, and her blog. She currently lives in Westchester County with her husband and their three black cats. You can find her at KimberlyDelarosa.com and @kimdelaro.